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Integrated forecasting and reporting for your business

Get a grip on your cashflow and make decisions about your business' future, fast

No one likes spreadsheets, and keeping your forecasting and reporting up to date can be a challenge.

Futrli shows you real-time data for a live view of business.

Visualise your financials in a beautifully simple way, with a range of features enabling complex analysis and control.

When you view your forecasting and reporting as a wall of numbers, it's impossible to collaborate over. Integrating your future assumptions with current performance and using the past as a marker is the only way to work.

Why use Futrli software? At Scholes CA we use Futrli to collaborate with small businesses so they can more effectively:

  • define and measure the KPI's that will determine success;
  • track and manage cashflows;
  • build budgets and forecasts and then track performance in "real time" against plan;
  • work on the go - mobile and tablet enabled;
  • collaborate with us on financial management matters;
  • produce attractive, easy to understand financial reports.

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