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Our cloud accounting and payroll solutions are delivered by Quickbooks and Xero, two providers who are at the forefront of developments in this exciting field.

The benefits of cloud accounting to the high-growth small business are increasingly clear:
• time saving - automated bank feeds and invoice scanning drive greater efficiency
• flexible - records can be accessed on your mobile or tablet, from any location
• decision making - real time data facilitates better decision making
• less hardware intensive - as the data is stored in the cloud, local hardware requirements are reduced
• secure - cloud providers use state-of-the-art security and backup protocols to keep your data secure
• collaboration - it's easier to collaborate with your accountant by sharing data held in the cloud
• Making Tax Digital - the leading cloud providers have committed to ensure the software can comply with MTD

Why Choose a Cloud Accounting Software?

Leaders of high-growth small businesses want to keep reliable and up to date financial records for two principle reasons; to ensure compliance with applicable laws (including tax laws); and to provide accurate management information to support effective decision making. Without reliable financial data, it's hard to anticipate tax liabilities or plan for growth.

At the same time, accounting and payroll activities can be very resource intensive, especially for smaller businesses which do not have the scale to maintain a separate finance team.

The challenge for most can be framed in a simple way: how to maintain the books and the payroll to the highest standard, in the most cost-effective way?

Which software is right for me?

Whilst we offer our clients a full bookkeeping and payroll outsourcing service, for those who choose not to outsource we also provide implementation, training and support services across a selection of the leading providers of accounting and payroll software including Sage, Quickbooks and Xero.

If you're not sure which accounting software is right for you, contact us today for a free bookkeeping & payroll software consultation. We can help you set up your cloud subscription too.






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