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Tax Planning + Advice

Scholes CA provides a comprehensive personal and business tax planning service to SME owners who want to manage their financial affairs in order to achieve optimal tax savings.

Tax Planning

Individuals in the SME space require proactive tax planning advice and support, to make sure that they pay only the right amount of tax for their circumstances, protecting and preserving wealth whilst ensuring that capital is retained to promote future business growth.

Tax Planning Experts

As part of our accountancy services, our tax experts are able to provide small business owners with comprehensive, practical tax planning advice and support across all the major UK taxes. Tax compliance is very important, but tax planning is often crucial in order to realise value. We like to provide a holistic tax planning service, taking into account the needs of:

  • you;
  • your family; and
  • your business.

We help smart business people who want to manage their UK tax affairs effectively and pay no more tax than the law requires, by providing efficient tax compliance services and friendly advisory support across all the different UK taxes so they can:

  • feel assured that personal, business and trust tax returns are filed on time
  • confirm and pay the correct amount of tax at the right time
  • smoothly plan and organise their affairs in the most tax effective manner, within the law
  • minimise unnecessary contact with HMRC and other tax authorities

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Our Tax Team

Our tax team is small but perfectly formed, consisting of a handful of serious tax professionals, each with deep expertise in a different area of UK tax. Anyone who says they are experts in all taxes these days is not telling the truth – the UK tax code is so complex and vast no credible professional can now claim to be an expert in all taxes (or even more than one or two).

But fear not – we love tax almost as much as we love business! At Scholes CA we count more than one Chartered Tax Adviser on our team – and when it comes to tax, CTAs are the best in the business at giving you the right advice, having passed exams that are commonly acknowledged to be much tougher than professional accountancy exams.

Do you want expert tax advice? We enjoy using our tax expertise to help people who want to organise their business and personal tax affairs intelligently, this requires planning and proactivity from both sides so that the right actions are taken at the right time.

We do not, however, engage in tax evasion or other “funny business” and we do not work with people who wish to game the system or break the law. You’re better off elsewhere (probably in prison) thank you very much.

We prefer wherever possible to look after the personal tax affairs of business owners, as well as the corporate tax affairs of their business; by doing so they receive the benefit of holistic tax advice that considers the entirety of their business and personal affairs ‘in the round’.

Our Tax Planning and Compliance Services Include:

  • advising and supporting startups on all aspects of UK taxation
  • helping you to prepare and file relevant tax registrations
  • preparing and filing your tax returns, claims and elections for all UK taxes
  • helping you track and monitor key tax deadlines
  • advising you on reasonably complex tax planning matters, encompassing all UK personal and business taxes
  • supporting your company to make R&D tax credit claims
  • guiding you on international tax matters, through our membership of top 20 international member network MGI Worldwide
  • assisting you with HMRC enquiries and investigations
  • providing you with the option of tax fee protection insurance, should you require

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