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R&D Tax Credits

We are able to prepare your claims to R&D tax credits for projects undertaken by your company which meet the appropriate criteria for eligibility. We will submit them to HMRC and deal with any subsequent correspondence.

It is regularly reported in the media that only a fraction of those companies who are eligible to claim R&D tax credits actually do. One of the reasons is there is a lack of awareness of the R&D schemes, and a widespread (but incorrect) assumption that they do not apply to companies operating outside the science and tech spheres.

How we help with R&D tax credits.

Our tax experts can guide you through the various eligibility criteria of the R&D tax credit schemes and provide you with support to correctly define your R&D activities and identify qualifying project expenditure. They can help you formulate the claims, submit them to HMRC on your behalf, and deal with any follow-up questions that may arise.


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