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Personal Tax Compliance

We are personal tax experts and we will prepare your Income Tax Self Assessment returns for your review and approval, and will then submit them securely to HMRC. Our team helps you take advantage of available reliefs and exemptions so that you pay no more than you are legally required to pay.

The self employed and those with taxable income that is not taxed at source generally have to file an Income Tax Self Assessment return and pay any income tax, NIC and CGT that is due. The penalties for non-compliance can be severe; but the process of completing your return can also be very time-consuming, especially if you are not fully familiar with UK tax laws.

Income Tax Self Assessment Returns filed on time

We help smart business people who want to manage their UK tax affairs effectively and pay no more tax than the law requires, by providing efficient tax compliance services and friendly advisory support across all the different UK taxes so they can:

  • feel assured that Self Assessment and other tax returns are filed on time
  • confirm and pay the correct amount of tax at the right time
  • smoothly plan and organise their affairs in the most tax effective manner, within the law
  • minimise unnecessary contact with HMRC and other tax authorities

Our Tax Accountants

Our expert tax accountants will prepare and file your Self Assessment return using modern, efficient and secure software. They’ll also take the time to tell you about any tax planning opportunities they spot to help ensure you pay no more tax than you are legally required to pay. Communications take place through our secure portal, ensuring your confidentiality is protected at all times.

The tax team at Scholes CA assists people from across the UK to file timely and accurate Self Assessment tax returns. We even help foreign nationals who require assistance with UK tax issues. Our advisers are professionally qualified with the leading accountancy and tax bodies in the UK, including the Chartered Institute of Taxation and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, demonstrating their commitment to technical excellence in all facets of taxation.

The key features of the basic compliance service are all about making sure that your Self Assessment return is accurate, prepared on a timely basis, filed on time, and your personal data is kept secure. Whilst we do all of that, we go further by offering additional advisory support, on request, if you are looking for something more than the basic service. The team's expert tax knowledge means they are often able to identify valuable tax saving opportunities for clients.

We believe that taxpayers should comply with the law and we do not support or encourage any activity that is contrary to the tax rules. However, we do believe it is entirely fair and reasonable for individuals to organise their financial and business affairs in a manner that prevents them from paying any more tax than is necessary. Our tax advisers can help individuals who want to accomplish that aim, by providing proactive advice and assistance with restructuring their personal and business affairs.

Company directors can benefit from holistic tax compliance and planning services covering their personal and company tax affairs. This comprehensive service delivers the additional benefit of truly holistic tax advice that considers the entirety of their business and personal affairs ‘in the round’.

Our Personal Tax Planning and Compliance Services Include:

  • helping you to prepare and file relevant personal tax registrations
  • preparing and filing your personal tax returns, claims and elections for all UK taxes
  • helping you track and monitor key tax deadlines
  • advising you on personal tax planning matters, encompassing all the main UK taxes
  • guiding you on international tax matters, through our network MGI Worldwide
  • assisting you with HMRC enquiries and investigations
  • offering fee cover with our tax fee protection insurance

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