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Integrated Reporting & Forecasting with Futrli

Exercise exceptional levels of control and visibility over your business finances with our fully integrated reporting & forecasting service. Offering a real-time view of your data, with Futrli you will be able to plan ahead more intuitively, manage your cashflows, and test different scenarios. Integrates fully with Quickbooks, Xero and other leading cloud products.

Until now there hasn’t been a cloud-based accountancy tool on the market that adequately bridges the gap between historic reporting, and future financial forecasting. As a result, forecasting is often seen as a laborious process, and the results are out of date almost as fast as they are produced.

Futrli enables business owners to produce relevant financial data in near real-time; to produce visually appealing financial reports that anyone can understand; to manage their cashflows more effectively; and to test alternative scenarios. Quickbooks and Xero users only.


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