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Inheritance Tax + Estate Planning

We will help you assess your exposure to Inheritance Tax and take steps to pass your wealth down through the generations, in accordance with your wishes.

Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning

Inheritance tax - once a concern only for the wealthy - is now a major consideration for many people, including business owners.

We help smart business owners and individuals with net worth up to £5m who want to plan for the future and provide for their families, by sensitively advising them on all aspects of business succession and Inheritance Tax and estate planning, so that they can:

  • accurately identify and assess their/ their family’s potential exposure to UK IHT
  • confidently make appropriate plans to preserve family wealth and mitigate IHT and other tax exposures, within the law
  • intelligently plan for succession within the family business
  • efficiently deal with related financial and tax issues

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Inheritance Tax help from qualified tax advisers

Our tax team includes a number of Chartered Tax Advisers, highly skilled tax professionals who have been awarded the most prestigious professional tax qualification in the UK. They will be on hand to guide you through the tax maze, helping you make the right decisions for you and your family taking into account all relevant UK tax laws. You’re in safe hands with us.

Our Inheritance Tax services include:

  • helping you to understand how Inheritance Tax (IHT) could impact your family’s financial future
  • identifying suitable arrangements to mitigate IHT exposure, balancing your needs with those of any partner, children, grandchildren and other dependants / beneficiaries
  • support with setting up and using basic trust arrangements
  • liaison / coordination with independent financial advisers
  • advising on tax efficient pensions, savings and investments (note that we do not, however, give specific pensions advice or recommend specific pensions or investment products)
  • providing advice and support on family business succession matters
  • guidance on property ownership/ property tax matters (property is often one of the most significant aspects of any discussion about IHT planning)

We are able to advise individuals on the appropriate use of trusts, and our network of legal advisers can help with trust formation and wider issues around wills and estates, probate, and related topics.

We do not engage in contentious tax planning or advocate the use of tax havens for nefarious purposes - if you’re looking to evade tax we’re not the right accountancy firm for you, and you’re not the right client for us.

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