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Cryptocurrency Tax Services

We provide comprehensive tax compliance and advice to UK individuals and businesses who trade or invest in cryptocurrency and other cryptoassets.

Cryptocurrency Tax Services

We help UK-based taxpayers who want to make sure they are paying the right tax on their cryptoasset trading and investments, by providing them with reliable advice and support enabling them to:

  • understand and meet UK tax obligations in relation to cryptoasset income and gains
  • confidently calculate and pay the correct amount of tax at the right time
  • avoid unnecessary communication with the taxman
  • efficiently deal with business as well as personal cryptoasset taxes

Expert help with cryptocurrency tax issues

Unlike most accountants, we won’t run a mile when you start talking about stablecoins, exchanges or airdrops. We’re fascinated by crypto and we’re convinced crypto has a massive future (never mind the massive volatility in the crypto markets!).

What’s more, we’ve taken the time to really understand how UK tax rules apply to cryptoassets. It’s where your world and our world meet; and together we can help you stay on the right side of the taxman. We might even be able to help you cut your future tax bills, too!

Our cryptocurrency tax services include:

  • advising you on the potential UK tax implications of your personal or company cryptoasset activities
  • assisting you to plan your cryptoasset transactions tax effectively
  • registering individuals and businesses who trade crypto with the taxman
  • preparing and filing personal and company tax returns to include cryptoasset profits and gains
  • publishing insightful blogs and newswires on this exciting, fast-moving field

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