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Business Restructuring Advice

Scholes CA provides business restructuring advice and support to owners of companies and small groups who wish to evaluate or reorganise existing legal, tax, finance and governance arrangements.

Business Restructuring Advice

We help switched-on entrepreneurs who wish to evaluate or reorganise the existing legal/ tax structures, governance arrangements and financial processes within their company or small corporate group, by providing them with reliable expert advice so they can:

  • critically assess the existing arrangements
  • compare and evaluate suitable alternatives
  • weigh up risks and benefits
  • effectively prepare for specific events such as a sale or family succession
  • identify and implement appropriate restructuring or remedial works

Help with your business restructuring project

Successful businesses don’t stand still; they constantly evolve. Nowadays, if you don’t adapt, you die. We get that; Scholes CA has never stood still in the fifty plus years we’ve been around, and that’s one reason why we’re still around today.

Our experienced team of reliable and efficient professionals can support your restructuring needs, helping you make the right decisions for the long term and guiding you on the right tax and legal structures to achieve your aims.

We work with smaller UK companies and groups (up to £10m annual turnover) but we do not advise on reorganisations of larger, or very complex organisations.

Depending on the scope of your requirements, we are often able to support reorganisation projects internally; at other times we work as part of a team alongside other expert advisers (other tax specialists, commercial lawyers, professional valuers etc). Our large network of top class advisers ensures you benefit from a 'best team' approach, with an expert team who can provide all the deep technical expertise you need to accomplish your goals.

Our business restructuring services include:

  • efficiently forming / reorganising small corporate groups to achieve owners’ objectives
  • advising on the use of basic holding company structures, particularly those designed to ‘ring fence’ and protect valuable assets
  • advising on the tax implications of basic corporate reorganistions
  • reviewing and recommending suitable remuneration/ dividend and ownership arrangements for small family owned companies
  • evaluating options for succession in small companies and groups, including family businesses
  • business/ share valuations

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