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Business Growth & Development

Our business growth & development services help small businesses who want to grow and become more successful, our growth experts provide you with the knowledge, advice and support to build a robust business growth plan, resolve problems in the business and become more confident about your path to business growth.


Growth for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

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Our startup service helps you to get your new business up and running by registering the business with the authorities, putting you in contact with key partners such as banks, lawyers and insurance intermediaries, and establishing the framework for you to start trading.

Our business planning service helps you to build a comprehensive business plan to take forward to investors, lenders, staff and other stakeholders, our experienced team will supply you with insights about modern business planning tools and techniques, advice about how to apply them, and support and challenge along the way, so you feel more confident in your preferred business growth strategy and plans. Our modular approach enables you to access support across all aspects of your plan, or just focus on specific areas within the plan.

Our fundraising support service helps you to source and secure loans and grants to fund your business's operations and growth plans, we work with you to develop and present to funders, banks and other bodies a credible business plan and cashflow projections to support your requirements. We are used to working with all the banks, including the high street names plus specialist lenders too. We can help you negotiate appropriate terms and security with these lenders.

Our KPI & management accounts service helps you to monitor and manage your business's performance and position by developing KPI's that are aligned with your strategic goals and financial reporting systems that give you reliable, timely information about how your business is performing, giving you more control over your business.

Our virtual FD service provides you with access to additional financial expertise and support, delivered in the format you want, when you want it. Your board meetings will benefit from having a financial expert on hand.

Our M & A support service helps you to buy or sell businesses, getting the best deal on acquisitions, realising the best price on divestments and helping you make decisions with confidence.

Our credit profile management service helps you monitor and manage your business's credit profile, helping you secure business finance on better terms by ensuring that the credit rating is not adversely affected unnecessarily.

Our cloud accounting service helps you transition your accounting system away from traditional tools onto the modern cloud systems such as Quickbooks or Xero, our experts will help you manage the transition seamlessly, with minimal disruption to your staff or systems, so that you and your team can quickly begin to realise the benefits of cloud accounting. We offer training in all aspects of Sage Accounts, Quickbooks Online and Xero.

Our business risk & control review service helps you assess the quality of your business risk identification, management and control procedures, giving you fresh insights into risk exposures and control improvement opportunities.

Our cashflow management support service helps you monitor and manage your business cashflows more effectively. Profitability is crucial, but cashflow is just as important; as poor cashflow management can put a growing company out of business. We work with you to prepare and interpret detailed cashflow projections, enabling you to better control and prepare for potential shortages, maintain adequate reserves and manage borrowing.

Our MTD-ready service helps you assess the state of your business's preparedness for the forthcoming Making Tax Digital revolution, taking into account the latest available timetable, identifying improvement opportunities and key requirements that will need to be met.

Our recruitment support service helps you to interview, select and appoint the right bookkeeping and accounting staff for your business. We provide expertise to help you write accurate job specifications, attract suitable candidates, conduct effective interviews and select the right person for the job.

Our financial training service helps you build a better understanding of your business's financial performance and position, as well as the confidence to appraise the financial aspects of new growth opportunities, by giving you a thorough grounding in financial statements and ratio analysis. Improved financial understanding will in turn help you to exercise better control over important financial matters including the profitability, liquidity, efficiency and stability of your business. If you have a good grasp of the basics already, we also provide advanced financial training sessions looking at more specialist areas.

Our tech service helps you develop and deliver your IT strategy by providing advice and expertise on technology aspects and sourcing appropriate hardware and software appropriate to your business's needs and budget.

Our IT healthcheck service helps you identify opportunities to strengthen your business's IT systems and processes, with a particular focus on disaster recovery plans and procedures, all presented in a clear, readable executive report.


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