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August 22nd 2018

Will Apps replace websites?

Will Apps replace websites? Are we witnessing the death of the web?

It’s a subject that’s been causing debate in technology circles for quite a while now. In fact, as long ago as 2011 Forrester CEO George Colony gave a speech where he proclaimed the death of the web and the emergence of the “App Internet.”

To bring home the logic of Colony’s claim, let’s look at your own habits and see whether the foundation for this change is apparent from your behavior. Do you own an iPad or tablet? Have you ever downloaded an App? Perhaps the eBay App? Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter? Then chances are that you already have a number of Apps on your iPhone or tablet. They are easy to use, aren’t they? And you don’t have to fiddle around with a browser and search for the website. One click on the App and you’re in.

But times change; technologies change. And it’s our responsibility as trusted accountants to move with the times. That’s why our website is mobile-enabled; it’s easy to navigate around our site even if you are viewing it on a smartphone. And that’s also why we have invested in an App. We believe in the not-too-distant future most businesses will have Apps as the technology of choice to interact with clients and prospects and to distribute information. Calculators are available at the touch of a button; receipt management, mileage management, blogs, FTSE prices, are all available instantly to everyone using your App.

What can a website do that an App can’t?

The simple answer to this question is ‘nothing’. The App can run calculators that aren’t available on any website; it can track your mileage and income as well as log receipts; it can send push messages to all your users and much more. The App can also provide the user with important data from the website; details about your team, directions, contact details, mail forms etc. all available in the palm of your hand 24/7.

Other companies are leading the way

As is so often the case, other industry sectors are leading the way. All the banks have Apps; BBC News, Sport and Weather have their own individual Apps. Indeed, there’s an App for just about anything.

So perhaps it’s not so far-fetched to consider a future in which the App will be the only point of entry to the Internet. Colony was right. Tomorrow is here.

To download the Scholes CA App, just:

  1. go to the Apple Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android)
  2. download the 'MyAccountants' App, and
  3. enter the user code SCHOLESCA when prompted.

Enjoy our App, with our compliments!


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