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August 27th 2018

Why lunch at your desk may be a bad idea

It's official - your computer is out to get you! Here's why...

Some of you might not think twice about snacking on a chocolate bar or taking having ten minutes of a cheese and ham sandwich at your desk when lunchtime rolls about. In fact, according to USA Today’s sources, 67% of Americans had lunch at their desk at least once a week – so you wouldn’t be in the minority.

And while it might be nice to enjoy your second square meal with the luxury of a computer in front of you – there could be a side effect you don’t always realise.

Keyboard hygiene is something rarely thought about, after all - it’s a work tool, no different to a pen, and they’re always clean, right?

Well - office pens are usually surprisingly clean, but that’s not the case for your beloved keyboard & mouse. A few studies have been done regarding the level of bacteria found on a selection of office keyboards. One such study by CBTNuggets suggests that a keyboard they found in an office housed 20,500 times more bacteria than an office toilet seat.

So, it might be an idea to keep your Anti-Bac spray handy in your bottom drawer, as well as under the tea room sink – and a £4 tin of compressed air to get rid of the larger “bits” might not be a bad idea either.

And maybe wash your hands after, as well as before you go for lunch!


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