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January 15th 2024

We’re promoting a culture of volunteering and community engagement

We’ve always been passionate about our community - perhaps due to our origins as a small accountancy firm that began in Orkney.

Orcadians know, better than most, the value of mutual cooperation and teamwork within a small but tight-knit society.

As Scholes CA has grown and expanded, we’ve brought the values we learned in Orkney to our other offices in Aberdeen, Laurencekirk and Edinburgh.

In short, we are genuinely passionate about volunteering and helping out within local, regional, Scottish, and even international society.

Our latest efforts

At Scholes CA we are conscious of our wider responsibility to the community, so we recently launched a new volunteering policy, allowing members of the team to support an environmental or social cause during work time.

Over the years we have backed all sorts of good causes, and this new initiative takes things even further by empowering our colleagues to get out and support worthwhile causes that they really care about.

Whether it’s cleaning up our beaches, feeding the homeless, helping out at an animal shelter or looking after our elderly and vulnerable, the Scholes CA team will be supported every step of the way.

To find out about our recent charity work with Women’s Aid Orkney, click here, or get in touch to learn more about how Scholes CA is making a difference.


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