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August 28th 2020

VoIP - what is it, and is it right for my business?

Nowadays, acronyms are thrown about ten a penny in all walks of life – not least in regulatory or technical situations. Sometimes this means we can be aware of something but not have a clue what it actually is or means! VoIP is one such acronym, but when expanded is exactly what it says on the tin – Voice over Internet Protocol – your phone calls utilising the internet to get from end to end rather than fixed old fashioned copper lines.

Why is this important?

BT Openreach (who manage the majority of our telephony infrastructure in the UK) have announced that in 2025 they will be ceasing their traditional ISDN services (yet another acronym – Integrated Services Digital Network).

What does this mean for your business?

If your business has multiple lines using the same number, the chances are it relies on ISDN lines so at some point in the coming years you will need make changes to your phone system.

What are the advantages of VoIP?

There can actually be many advantages to upgrading to a VoIP system – here’s just a few;

  • Increased flexibility/versatility – no longer limited to a fixed line in a single premises – extensions can be setup to include multi-office environments, or to facilitate home working arrangements, all invisible to your customer as they have still just called you on (or been called from) your main business number.
  • Fully customizable call handling capability/routing – get calls where you need them to go more efficiently.
  • Price – the ongoing costs of “line rental” and call charges are typically significantly lower than the tariffs available on ISDN or fixed lines.

Telephony companies are now starting to contact customers to upgrade them to a VoIP system, but it is important to remember that just because you’ve always used a particular company does not mean you have to use their services moving forward. Your number belongs to you and can be ported from your existing supplier to one of many suppliers offering VoIP services.

Here at Scholes Chartered Accountants, we can supply VoIP systems ranging from single user to multi-office to suit various budgets and requirements – contact us to discuss if this is of interest to you.


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