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May 18th 2018

Useful apps and other online tools for the small business

Here's a quick run through some of the apps we use at Scholes CA.

I'm not the world's greatest computer genius, incidentally - quite the opposite. But we have found that all of these things are easy to use, very effective and, in many cases, totally free.

Perhaps they can help you too...

1. Google Analytics

A freemium web analytics tool that allows you to monitor traffic to your website, track campaigns, check landing page quality and monitor conversions.Google Analytics can help you identify which pages are performing well or poorly, where your traffic comes from, and all manner of other data. Why does this help? Because you can use the data to improve your website, generate more traffic, and better help your customers. We use it to see what topics on our website are of most interest and use to our customers - all of our website content is free so for us it's not about generating revenue, it's about service.

2. Mailchimp

We've been using this automated marketing app for about six months now. It's great for creating high quality e:mail communications, and the automation facilities are really powerful. There's useful tools to integrate with your Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, too. I have the app on my phone and it's easy to see how our latest newsletter or information campaign is performing.

3. Surveymonkey

A brilliant tool to survey your customers. You can craft your own surveys or start with a range of excellent free templates and then tailor them as much (or as little) as you want. Surveymonkey can also benchmark your survey results against your industry peers. Customer satisfaction? Event planning? Market research? So many potential uses, we lose count. At Scholes CA we supplement our personal feedback requests with a sample of Surveymonkey satisfaction surveys, around 20 a month. We like to know what we can do better.

4. Dropbox

Great for sharing content and collaborating, a number of our customers share data - especially larger files - with us using Dropbox. Very secure and intuitive.

5. Pixabay

I love this site! If you need to create content for an advert, a publication, or a presentation, this site has over a million high quality royalty-free images you can download and use for free (provided you use them responsibly, of course!).

6. Quickbooks

Still keeping your business records on a spreadsheet? Or even in a handwritten cash book? With Making Tax Digital for VAT getting ever closer, those days will soon be done for ever. With the handy App version of Quickbooks, you can now carry your business records round on your phone, issue invoices, pay bills and collaborate with your accountant, wherever you are, whenever you want. Time to put the quill pen away...

I hope there's something here you'll find useful. If you've any tips you'd like to share, post away on our Facebook, Linked or Twitter pages, or just contact us and we'll give it a mention.


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