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March 8th 2024

Today is International Women’s Day!

Today, 8 March, is an important day.

As a Director of Scholes CA (and in my capacity as VP of ICAS), I’m passionate about social mobility and providing opportunities for those who sometimes struggle to enter the accounting profession.

International Women’s Day provides a great opportunity to speak further on this issue and to shine a light on the work that our colleagues perform.

We have an amazing group of women working within the business and their contributions should not go unnoticed.

Including the work of two outstanding individuals, Kayleigh Tipper, and Sandra Tulloch, who we’ve written an article on here!

Our work with Women’s Aid Orkney continues…

As part of our efforts to create an inclusive, safe, and happy working environment – and to eradicate domestic abuse from our society in general – we’re continuing our work with Women’s Aid Orkney.

This week, members of our team underwent domestic abuse training in which we learned how to identify the signs, provide guidance on, and facilitate resolutions to domestic abuse situations.

All the team members who attended have remarked on how insightful this session was.

This included learning how we, as a firm, can protect individuals who are affected in the way we work daily.

From facilitating meetings during work time to removing contact information from our website, we now understand the multifaceted approach we need to take when an individual needs help.

The directors – Ivan, Ryan and I – are keen to continue this training within the team and will be looking to promote the sessions further throughout the year.

Championing social mobility

At both Scholes CA and ICAS, we’re always working towards enhancing social mobility and broadening access to accounting education for everyone in society, but especially targeting individuals who face extra challenges.

This includes barriers related to ethnicity, gender, sex, or socio-economic background.

But today, we at Scholes will be focusing on the incredible contributions that women have made within our firm and looking at how we can further champion their cause.

My belief, which I’m sure is shared by everyone at Scholes CA, is that education and opportunities for success should be accessible to all – we continue to work towards this end.

How can you get involved?

If you’re looking to get involved with International Women’s Day, you could always donate to Women’s Aid Orkney.

They do incredible work to protect and advise domestic abuse victims, speak to families and loved ones and spread awareness of the issue.

We also recommend you simply wear your feminism on your sleeve!

Whether it’s standing up to something that doesn’t seem right or taking another look at your workplace policies, we can all do something to mark the day!

Whichever way you mark the occasion, we at Scholes CA wish everyone a happy and healthy International Women’s Day.

Please read about Kayleigh and Sandra’s contributions here.

For further information on our initiatives towards social equality and mobility, feel free to email me directly at: karen.scholes@scholesca.co.uk

If you are facing domestic abuse or know someone who is, please visit the Women’s Aid Orkney website.


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