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March 24th 2022

The Small Business Sustainability Basics Programme

A free programme for small business owners who want to make the most of the opportunities of sustainability.

Small Business Britain is launching “The Sustainability Basics programme”, in partnership with Oxford Brookes Business School, to help small businesses make the most of the opportunities of sustainability.

This free programme (and community of like-minded businesses) will give each entrepreneur the basics they need to supercharge their sustainability planning, reduce their impact on the planet, and turn their sustainability plans into fantastic commercial advantage.

This programme will be delivered over six weeks entirely via digital channels.

Webinars are recorded and available for catch up on a dedicated page on the Small Business Britain website.

All sessions begin at 11am and the modules include:

1. 21 March 2022: Sustainability is Good for Business

2. 28 March 2022: Starting at the Beginning: Energy and Transport

3. 4 April 2022: Where You Are & What You Do

4. 25 Apr 2022: A Team Effort: Working With & Adapting Your Supply Chain

5. 3 May 2022: Offsetting: The Good, The Bad & Making a Plan

6. 9 May 2022: Sustainability for You

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