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March 30th 2020

Ten reasons to #shoplocal

It's always good to shop local - especially at the moment. Let's remind ourselves why...

1 Local economy

Spending your cash with small local businesses helps keep money in your local economy - money that can be put to use supporting local jobs, high streets, communities.

2 Supply chain

Supporting local businesses helps ensure the sustainability of supply chains. Keeping local suppliers going promotes the sustainability of your business (as well as theirs).

3 Friends and family

Shopping local probably involves supporting your friends or even family members too - what's not to like?

4 Technicolour vs monochrome

Promoting and supporting small local businesses helps combat the onward march of big national chains - who wants to live in Tescotown?

5 Environment

Shopping locally can help protect the environment too - less long distance trips; more walkable town centre trips.

6 Employment

Local businesses wif well supported may be able to provide better quality employment oportunities.

7 Public services

Helping to maintain vibrant town centres also enables more efficient use of public resources and infrastructure.

8 Consumer choice

More competition drives better service and increased innovation, leading to more choice and better service for consumers.

9 Decision making

Local businesses are very likely to make decisions that are in the best interests of the specific communities in which they operate.

10 Personality

One of the best things about local businesses - they are pretty much guaranteed to be individualistic and full of character, simply because the owners are usually on hand and giving a large part of themselves every day just to make the whole thing a sucess.

Here's to small businesses everywhere! #shoplocal

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