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September 4th 2020

Sustainable Agriculture Capital Grant Scheme

The Scottish Government has now published details of a pilot grant scheme called the Sustainable Agriculture Capital Grant Scheme (SACGS) to provide grant funding for farmers and crofters to purchase specific items of agricultural equipment.

The main objectives/expected outcomes of the scheme are:

  • protecting and improving the natural environment;
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions from farming operations;
  • supporting sustainable farming; and
  • supporting sustainable land use.

All Scottish farmers and crofters with a Business Reference Number (BRN) can apply.

The maximum amount a single farm business can receive is £20,000 with grant awards based on 60% of standard cost. Priority will be given to farmers and crofters who completed a carbon audit and/or a nutrient management plan, and/or a vet herd health plan between 01 March 2017 and 01 March 2020.

A link to the online guidance can be found here.

Below is a list of capital items supported under the scheme:

Cattle Equipment

  • Squeeze crush (manually operated)
  • Head scoop (cattle)
  • Specialist foot trimming crush
  • Calving detectors
  • Heat detection system – base unit
  • Heat detection system – collar or ankle band
  • Heat and service detector
  • Hand-held automatic teat washing system
  • Visual image of analysis of cow and body condition score
  • Auto cattle weighing equipment
  • Calving gate
  • Real time milk analysis

Sheep Equipment

  • Electronic weigh crate
  • Sheep handler
  • Automatic weighing and drafting crate for sheep

General Livestock

  • Electric fencer energiser
  • Electronic weigh systems (all species)
  • Cameras for monitoring livestock
  • UV water treatment system
  • EID Hand held recorder device
  • EID Hand held device (stick reader)
  • Auto EID drench gun
  • Vaccination gun with RFID reader for vaccination of livestock

Precision farming equipment

  • Grassland sward lifters
  • Pasture plate meter (handheld)
  • GPS guidance
  • GPS guidance with autosteer on old tractor – bolt on motor
  • GPS guidance with auto steer on old tractor replacement steering wheel with motor
  • GPS guidance with integration of hydraulic steering & ISOBUS implement control
  • Yield monitoring
  • Variable rate for controller for sprayers and fertiliser spreaders
  • Flow sate monitoring of slurry
  • Measuring nitrogen levels in crops using light reflectance
  • Hand held device for measuring nitrogen levels in crops using light reflectance
  • Chlorophyll meter
  • Trailing shoe slurry system including macerators
  • Dribble bar
  • Shallow injection systems

General agricultural equipment

  • Slurry store covers ring tank cover-floating e.g. nicoflex
  • Lagoon store cover floating
  • LECA AeroTOP system
  • Heat recovery unit to pre heat water for existing hot water system
  • Place Heat Exchanger (PHE) for cooling milk (plate cooler)
  • Improving efficiency of Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) including solenoid valve
  • Controller including sensors
  • VSD for fan
  • Multistage burner
  • VSD for crop bed
  • Hydrolyser tractor
  • Very flexible Tyres (small tractor, with rims)
  • Very flexible Tyres (small tractor without rims)
  • Very flexible Tyres (medium tractor without rims)
  • Very flexible Tyres (medium tractor, with rims)
  • Very flexible tyres (Large tractor, with rims)

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