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November 27th 2018

Understanding your business problems

I've just finished writing a review of our most read blog articles of the past year, as ranked by Google Analytics. It's been interesting to see what stories resonate most with our followers.

Mostly the results confirmed our suspicions; as a group you're very interested in organising your tax affairs; worried about complying with new regulations (GDPR and MTD being prime examples); and keen to raise money and grow your business. Click through to read our article on grant funding was the most read edition of the last year. And the good thing, from everyone's perspective, is that those are all things that we can help you with.

The review also threw up a couple of surprises. Accounting Myths and Legends, which offered some insights into what accountants really do and how we really see ourselves, was widely read. But the truth is, there's no great secret about what we do at Scholes CA, or why we do it.

In fact, we are very clear on what we are here for: to support great small businesses like yours, using the skills of our team and the technology at our disposal to give you the help you need to manage and grow your small business.

Our challenges are really twofold:

1. Understanding your business problems.

To do this we use a variety of techniques. For example, our friendly accountants like to speak with you individually, as often as possible, to ask about the problems and issues in your business that you need help with. Sometimes the answers aren't obvious; what seems to be a problem may in fact simply be the symptom of another problem altogether. So a good one-to-one discussion is always welcomed here at Scholes CA. And we also use regular online surveys as another important way to connect with you and hear about what's working and what you need more help with.

2. Delivering solutions to those problems.

Our other key challenge is to put together the right solutions to help address your problems, and the team and technology to go with it. Sometimes the solution is obvious. Need to file your company accounts? We can do that. Want to save tax? We'll review your affairs and provide advice. Struggling with all the bookkeeping and payroll work? Our team can help you. Other times, the solution to your issue may be less obvious, in which case we'll work with you to get to the root of the problem.

In recent years businesses have become increasingly reliant on technology at all levels; administration, service delivery, finance, customer relationship management. With this development comes a series of new challenges; the need to select and build the right technology infrastructure; compliance with new regulations; dealing with data security issues; developing staff skill sets being just a few examples. Our approach to solving clients' business problems is illustrated by the way we have developed a technology capability from scratch over the last two years, so that we can now help our small business clients with a variety of IT issues such as those described above.

It may not seem obvious why an accountant should offer IT/ technology services, but to us it's a natural extension of what we do because we understand the broad context: great small businesses are looking to their accountants for something more than basic accountancy and tax compliance services.

If you'd like us to help you and your small business, contact us today.


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