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October 15th 2018

Smartphones - getting a good grip on your business

Looking for a new smartphone? Read this first.

Smartphones have been around for a few years now and we’re all too aware of the impact they’ve had on every aspect of our lives (for better or worse), and now more than ever there is an incredible choice when it comes to features that will help you or your business; particularly from phones running Android.

But - diversity and choice might not always be so great – it can make it difficult to find what’s right for you. So, here’s a few quick tips for those of you who might be looking to change your favourite, most expensive brick.

Battery life

Nobody likes the feeling you get when you reach five o’clock, and you notice the little red dribble of charge left at the top right of your screen.

Batteries are getting more and more efficient, but there are still a few phones out there still rocking a 2000mAh battery, which might be enough to get you through a day with a few texts, and a quick lunchtime browse of Facebook, but the real heavy hitters are starting to put out batteries over 5000mAh, which can last days at a time if you’re frugal and turn your Bluetooth off.

It’s also worth noting that there’s plenty of third-party external battery packs, end even cases that can hold extra juice for your phone.

Dual sim

Dual Sim phones are great. Orkney in particular has a rough history with mobile networks, especially when one of them happens to go down for days at a time. A backup number can be hugely useful, and cheap. An off the shelf, pay-as-you-go sim might only cost you £10, and can keep you afloat in a pinch for the years to come.

There are other benefits too. I myself have a pay-as-you-go sim for my phone calls & texts, and a cheap contract on a separate sim for 4G data use. It’s also handy for trips to the Isles, and the further reaches of the mainland, as usually there’s some dead spots on one network, which is typically covered by the other.

And of course, if you’re someone who has a work phone and a personal phone, one dual sim can really lighten your pockets. Every phone call & text you make can be assigned to either sim or set defaults for certain people. It can really make life a little more convenient.

Sadly, if you’re an Apple fan, you’ll have to splash out for an IPhone X if you fancy these features, as their older phones are only single sim.

IP ratings & durability

“Ingress Protection” Ratings are definition of how protected against dust & water your device is. The first number relates to dust, the second is liquids. 0 being not protected at all.

IP68 is currently the highest rating there is, meaning “totally protected from Dust”, and protected from “steam jet cleaning”.

Not too much of a worry if you have a desk job, but something to look out for if you work outdoors.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on what kind of screen you need. With Gorilla Glass 6 coming out soon, our devices should be tougher than ever.

Operating System

Android, or IOS? While these are the two major competitors, there are others out there. Be careful when buying phones online, and from China. While most of them will likely have a version of Android installed on them, there are a few other smaller operating systems, and you might not get all the functionality and apps you were hoping for.

As for Android itself, it comes in many different flavours (and not just the fantastic naming they have for updates). Sony, Samsung, even CAT phones often have tweaked, stretched and coloured variations of Android, and they usually come pre-loaded with a dozen apps, which can sometimes be more of a headache than a convenient solution. Especially when you can’t delete them.


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