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March 19th 2019

Should a server be serving your business?

In this age of “The Cloud” there are fewer and fewer dedicated, onsite servers being used for small & medium businesses, as most of the benefits gained can be employed in a more cost-effective cloud space. Maintenance, security, and redundancy are all managed behind the scenes with a cloud solution, taking much of the worry away from holding it all in the cupboard in the back office.

So, would a server suit you, or will you be better off floating in the cloud too?

Servers come in many shapes and sizes, from massive rooms filled with racks and racks of hard drives, to something that doesn’t look far off your own desktop PC.

Well, the cloud that everyone keeps talking about tends to exist as the former – a massive warehouse covering acres of land, filled with high power ventilation, and rows upon rows of super expensive servers and computing equipment – all with different tasks and functions.

The small business solution, however, is more “normal” looking.

A small business server can be set up, put in a ventilated cupboard, and just about forgotten while it holds all of your data, manages your business-wide printing, and keeps a handle on security and access for all your users.

The most well-suited environment would be for a growing business with several employees onsite, with a large volume of data, or another specific requirement for a proprietary program.

A server can help keep an automated order for many things - It can manage your devices, install programs automatically, change your dreaded Windows 10 updates to something a bit less frightening, and can make sure that staff only have access to systems they need to see, hold your databases, among thousands of other applications.

Having a centralised source of all your data can be a little bit of a concern, but it does make backups much simpler than keeping the information on several different machines. An external hard drive or several on rotation can be used to make sure there is always a recent backup kept elsewhere. This is easy to manage with the built-in backup tools Microsoft provides, or a third-party program with even more flexibility.

One of the biggest selling points of a server these days is simply – that it is yours. You have complete control, you own it outright, and you can spend as much or as little to suit your requirements. A server can be a true asset to many businesses with an ever growing workload.

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