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December 14th 2017

Shortcuts for MS Office, Google and Sage

Ever wondered how your IT person finds their way around the keyboard so fast? Wonder no more, our handy guide to keyboard shortcuts will help you work like a pro!

We’ve put together a list of neat little tips and tricks that should save you time when you’re using a computer for almost anything! These little shortcuts can make life a lot faster in work and play.

These shortcuts have been picked out with Microsoft Windows in mind, but most of them will transfer over to Mac, with a few variations i.e. - rather than the control key (Ctrl), use the Command key.


Ctrl – Control

Win – Windows Key (The flag, or four squares)

General & Windows

Ctrl + Arrow Keys Move cursor across words rather than letters

Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Keys Select words rather than just letters

Ctrl + A Select Everything

Ctrl + C Copy

Ctrl + X Cut

Ctrl + V Paste

Ctrl + S Save

Ctrl + P Print

Left Click Then Shift + Left Click Select List of Items

Ctrl + Left Click Multiple select / unselect Items

Ctrl + Z Undo

Ctrl + Y Redo

Alt + Tab (+Shift) Swap Window Quickly

Ctrl + Tab (+Shift) Swap between tabs - Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc

Esc Close current Menu

Alt + F4 Close current window

Ctrl + Mousewheel Zoom in or out

Ctrl and + - Zoom in or out

Ctrl + Shift + Esc Opens the Task Manager - Useful for killing frozen programs

Ctrl + Alt + Delete Halts everything, opens up special control menu - Can access Task Manager from here

Win + D Minimises everything & Shows the desktop

Win + E Opens File Explorer

Win + P Quick menu for changing monitors or projectors

Win + L Lock the PC

F1 Opens Help Menus for most programs

Click the Mouse Wheel Allows you to auto-scroll through pages with a scrollbar

Alt F4 can also be used, when there’s nothing open, to bring up the shutdown menu for windows. This can be handy if you want to shutdown or restart without applying updates to your computer.

Microsoft Word

Ctrl + B Bold

Ctrl + I Underline

Ctrl + U Italic

Ctrl + Shift + > Increase Font Size

Ctrl + Shift + < Decrease Font Size

Ctrl + F Find

Ctrl + L Justify Left

Ctrl + E Justify Centre

Ctrl + R Justify Right

F5 Find / Replace

F7 Spellcheck

F12 Save As

Microsoft Excel

Ctrl + B Bold

Ctrl + I Italic

Ctrl + U Underline

Ctrl + 5 Strikethrough

Ctrl + Shift + & Apply Border to selected cells

Ctrl + Shift + _ Remove Border from selected cells

Ctrl + F Find

F5 Find / Replace

F7 Spellcheck

F12 Save As

Ctrl + Page Up Move Up a sheet

Ctrl + Page Down Move Down a sheet

Ctrl + Home Move to the start of a sheet

Ctrl + End Move to the end of a sheet

Ctrl + ; Enter Current Date

Ctrl + Shift + ; Enter Current Time

=sum( Type in a cell, then click and drag the collumn or row to add together

Autosum The autosum at the top right can be used to find Max, Min, Totals, Averages and even count how many values are there

The little square in the bottom right can be used to copy formulas & values, or continue a numbering pattern

Click the three little icons in the bottom right to view how the spreadsheet will be printed

When copying data, when you paste, you can click the icon that appears, and choose to paste in values, formulas, or a wide array of other options.

You can insert Fields in Word & Excel to automatically display the current date, an author’s name, and many others. Useful when printing out documents

Google Chrome

Ctrl + N New Window

Ctrl + T New Tab

Ctrl + Shift + T Open Last Closed Tab

Ctrl + W Close current tab

Ctrl + H Open History

Ctrl + J Open Downloads

Shift + Esc Open Chrome's Task Manager

F5 OR Ctrl R Refresh the page

F6 Highlight the Address Bar


Tab (+Shift) Next (Previous) Field

F1 Help Menu

F2 Open Calculator

F3 Pay Receipt in full

F4 While in a date field, opens the date picker

F6 Duplicates the field above

F6 + Shift Duplicates the field above - and adds 1

F7 Insert Blank Lines

F8 Delete Line

F9 Calculate Net value when pressed in Net or VAT fields

For a full list of all shortcuts, see the links below.







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