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January 17th 2020

Servers: upgrade or replace?

Whilst more and more data is now cloud based, there are still plenty of requirements for internal data servers.

Often the main requirement comes down to a key piece of software that your organisation uses, for example an ePOS (electronic point of sale) till system or CRM (Customer relations manager), that requires a database structure and needs to perform quickly for the users and not be dependant on the speed of your internet connection.

Other features that servers offer include security options allowing data to be accessible only to those who need it simply based on who is logged in.

Main factors to consider when buying/replacing a server:

  • How old is my current server? (if applicable)

– the normal recommended lifespan for a server is 3-5years.

  • What requirements do my software applications have?

– Consider data access speeds, processor speeds, drive capacity etc

  • How many users will be connecting to it?

– There are different server operating system packages and licenses based on users etc

  • How much data do I have to transfer to it / how much am I likely to generate?

– You need to know required data capacity and how much you are likely to generate in the next 3-5 years to ensure it remains suitable for your needs.

  • How will I backup the server?

– Cloud backups / physical drives – will these be kept offsite etc?

  • Where will the server be located?

– Consider a well ventilated, dry, clean environment that cannot easily be accessed by anyone who should not have access.

If you feel your business may benefit from a server, or your current server is now of an age that you should consider replacing it, or is no longer performing how you would like give us a call and we can discuss your requirements (and liaise as necessary with third party software providers) to put together a proposal.

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