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November 9th 2023

Scholes CA and Women's Aid Orkney team up to tackle domestic abuse

We are thrilled to announce that Scholes CA is collaborating with Women's Aid Orkney, a leading organisation which supports those affected by domestic abuse.

Director, Karen Scholes, said: “Our partnership aims to create a more supportive work environment and safer community for Orcadians and the wider Scotland through education and learning.”

The initiative

Women's Aid Orkney is spearheading this initiative to engage businesses in addressing the issue of domestic abuse by educating employees within the workplace.

The programme aims to equip businesses with the necessary information and training to identify signs of abuse and to provide confidential support.

Karen said: “A select group of employees from both our Kirkwall and Aberdeen offices will undergo specialised training to identify potential signs of domestic abuse and provide the initial support needed before referring individuals to experts.

“It's important to note that while we aim to be supportive, we are not experts in this field.”

The programme will be comprehensive, covering how to approach sensitive conversations and where to direct those in need of professional help.

It will be open to employees at all levels within the organisation, ensuring a widespread understanding and capability to address this critical issue.

The team will include members from various departments, such as payroll, bookkeeping, and management, to ensure a holistic approach.

Implementing a domestic abuse policy

Karen is keen that, following the training, Scholes implements its own domestic abuse policy.

“We want this to serve as a guide for employees, making them aware that the company recognises the issue and has resources available to support them.”

The policy will also outline how to access external agencies and professionals for further assistance.

How to support Women's Aid Orkney

“Our collaboration aligns with Women's Aid Orkney's dedicated 16 days of advocacy and action against domestic abuse,” Karen added.

“We are delighted to support their invaluable work across the Orkney Isles and broader Scotland, where domestic abuse remains a pressing issue.

“We believe that this partnership will contribute to the larger community effort to combat domestic abuse and I’m proud to be a part of that goal.

“I firmly believe in the excellent work that Women's Aid Orkney does and look forward to a fruitful collaboration.”

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