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May 5th 2020

Providing assurance to Interreg grant funding programmes

Organisations may attract grant funding from a variety of funding bodies. Those bodies often require some form of assurance that the grants they pay out have been used according to their agreements. The terms of the grant may require that assurance to be provided by a “registered auditor”.

Here at Scholes Chartered Accountants I lead an experienced team of auditors and we provide a variety of assurance services required to meet grant funding requirements.

Our services include providing clients with "First Level Control" (FLC) assistance in respect of European funding received under the various Interreg programmes. As registered auditors, we are qualified to undertake these assurance engagements and have significant experience in doing so.

Unlike many assurance engagements, FLC assurance work demands an extremely high level of substantive testing, along with a sound understanding of the Interreg programmes; EU Funding Regulations; and EU Directives on public procurement.

It is important that companies seeking to appoint an FLC select a partner who is well versed in the intricacies of the rules. We aim to make the process as straightforward as possible, working with cilents to make sure any deadlines imposed by the funders are met.

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