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September 3rd 2018

Printing - laser or inkjet, which is best?

Printing can be expensive; it's not just the outlay on buying a printer; the actual costs of operating a printer can far outweigh the initial capital cost. So if you're in the market for a new printer, it's important to make the right decision.

There are two different kinds of commonplace printers, “Inkjet” and “Laser”. Inkjet uses Ink fired onto paper, whereas Laser uses (in a very cut-down description) heat to melt coloured powder, known as “Toner” onto the paper.

Other than that, they can both do essentially the same job – albeit, laser is usually quicker, and inkjet is usually much better at photos. Both types of printer typically come with the same features – duplex, WiFi printing, economy printing and attached peripherals such as scanners and faxes.

But the main thing – the cost.

If you’re doing a lot of printing in a year, a laser is undoubtedly the way to go. Although the toner is kinda pricy, and the printer itself is hardly peanuts either – the volume a laser can do compared to an inkjet is staggering.

I’ll do a comparison: here are two printers, both have colour – can scan and have WiFi printing.

Brother DCP-9020CDW (left); Epson XP-6000 Inkjet


Brother DCP-9020CDW

Epson XP-6000 Inkjet

Indicative cost



Black Refill



Full Refill



Black Page capacity



Cost Per Black Page

2.6 Pence

6.4 Pence

Cost for 1,000 Pages



(Prices VAT inclusive)

As the table shows, the costs of printing can vary significantly depending on the type of printer used - by a factor of around 250% in this case!

So, if you’re in the business for printing a thousand pages every month or two - and you don’t need high photo quality, it is well worth getting yourself a laser printer – it might cost a bit more off the bat, but it’ll soon pay for itself.

We can help you select, source and install the right printer for you and your business. If you have any questions on the pros & cons of different printers, and what features are right for you – feel free to get in touch with our Tech team today.


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