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June 18th 2020

Out now on Amazon: “Result!”

A guide to the judgements, estimates and policies that shape your company’s accounts.

If you’d like to understand how accounting policies, estimates, and judgements affect your company’s profits and balance sheet, grab a copy of Ivan’s new book “Result! The entrepreneur’s guide to accounting decisions that can shape your company’s fortunes”.

It’s available on Amazon in print now; the Kindle version is also available to pre-order.

The guide covers all the areas of a small company’s accounts that are most commonly affected by policy decisions, judgements and estimates, including:

  • sales
  • tangible and intangible assets
  • goodwill
  • stock and work in progress
  • directors’ loans
  • borrowings
  • government grants
  • deferred tax

Your company’s accounts are read by a number of influential stakeholders including lenders, credit rating agencies, and the tax man. If you want to know more about the processes and decisions that determine the numbers in your accounts, this book is for you.

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