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September 6th 2019

Our top 5 blogs of the past year

Business cars and vans - claiming capital allowances (#1)

Our most popular blog explains what tax relief is available to businesses for the cost of buying business vehicles.

How the VAT domestic reverse charge will affect construction industry operators this year (#2)

Exploring the impact of the new domestic reverse charge, which is set to come into force in less than four week's time.

For more details about the domestic reverse charge, download our free factsheet here.

Common errors in management accounts - and how to avoid them (#3)

Sharing our inside knowledge of the most common problems we see with management accounts - and how to solve them so that your management information is more accurate in future.

Directors' loan accounts (#4)

Demystifying directors' loan accounts - what are they, how can they arise, what effect do they have on your company's accounts and corporation tax return? And what are the personal tax implications?

Popular tax free benefits for employees and directors (#5)

HMRC like to tax just about anything that moves, but there are a few exceptions. We summarise some of the best ones avilable to employees and directors.

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