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October 4th 2017

Newsletter relaunched today!

You can download your copy right here.

What we'd really like to know is: what would you like to see included in future editions?

We think you will be most interested in information and advice that actually makes a difference to you and your business, so we've tried to include in edition 1 things that might do that - details about services we provide that you might not have known about, like IT services or business planning services for example; an article on marketing (because we want to help you grow your business); details of future events we plan to run; and news from our clients.

We think a "client news" feature might be a nice innovation as a way for you to share your news with our readers; but do you agree? Collaboration is becoming increasingly important to business success, should we take the idea a step further and provide some sort of local networking or workshop type events, perhaps on the theme of business growth?

What else would you like to see in the newsletter? Do please tell us, so that we can make future editions more helpful and informative to you and your business. Your feedback really matters and we really do listen!!!


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