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September 25th 2020

Local business sought for new "Dragons' Den style" TV programme

At Scholes Chartered Accountants we do get some unusual requests from time to time, as I think I've said in the past.

Casting director Ilenka Jelowicki from Ink Casting is currently looking for a small business to participate in a new TV programme to be aired on prime time TV in the UK.

Here's what Ilenko has to say:

I'm a casting director working on a new business show for one of the major UK broadcasters. We're not necessarily looking for accountants to take part, but rather that you might have some companies that you work with who would be ideal for the show. Having run my own business for 10 years that I sold - I know that my accountant knew my business financials inside and out! We're specifically looking for companies that need help and financial investment.

In the show, a highly experienced business person will visit a business each week. The businesses that are featured are struggling in some way. Either they have hit difficulties due to the Coronavirus pandemic, or they had problems before. Or they could be even growing really rapidly, and don't have the capacity or the financial means to keep up with growth. Whatever the reason, they need help. Our business expert will offer advice, and also a 6 figure financial investment in the firm, in return for equity in the company. The aim with the show, is to bring in new customers and make their ventures more profitable in these challenging economic times.

Each episode will be an hour long, and will follow the journey that the company undertakes during this transformative period.

We are looking for:

1. Companies that need help, and could benefit from a financial injection into their company of between £150-250K.

2. The company must have a minimum turnover of 500K, and a minimum of 5 employees

3. Primarily looking for B2C companies - such as retailers, manufacturers, food businesses, beauty brands (that manufacture) or service based companies. We would consider a company that is B2B, providing it's not too niche and still relatable to the average viewer.

The businesses can be based anywhere in the UK. However they cannot be a startup, they need to be an established business.

Filming is due to commence at the end of October, so we really need to find interested business owners quickly.

My thought with approaching accountants, is that you know the businesses you work with inside and out - and you might know of a company that exactly fits our brief, and could use some help.

I think the show is going to be very popular, it's a mix between Dragon's Den and Kitchen Nightmares. But the excitement will also lay in seeing how businesses operate, and the effort that goes into building a business. I think it will make for addictive viewing. And regardless of the financial investment and business advice going to be given on the show, it's a really great opportunity for advertising - the show will be on a prime evening slot.

If interested, get in touch with us and we can put you in touch with Ilenka.


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