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November 17th 2020

Kickstart Scheme

The Kickstart Scheme is a new initiative by the Government which offers employers funding to take young people into employment.

The scheme is open to any employer who is interested in taking on 16–24 year olds on a six month job placement. The placement is funded entirely by the government.

Here’s how it works…

To access Kickstart funding, the job placements created must be new jobs and must not replace existing or planned vacancies. The job placements must:

  • be a minimum of 25 hours per week, for 6 months; and
  • require only basic training.

The Government will:

  • pay for 100% of the relevant National Minimum age-related wage for 25 hours a week, monthly, in arrears, including National Insurance and pension contributions; and
  • give a one-off £1,500 per job placement payment to be put towards setup costs, support and training; meaning you can fund additional training for the young person, giving them the best start.

For each job placement you must help the young person become more employable, which can include career advice, setting goals, support with a CV and developing skills in the workplace.

A Kickstart Scheme application must be for a minimum of 30 job placements; if a single employer cannot provide this many job placements, they can find a Kickstart gateway, such as a local authority, charity or trade body for help applying.

Further guidance about the Kickstart Scheme

The Kickstart Scheme applies to Scotland, Wales & England.


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