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April 29th 2023

Hydrogen Expert Support

Scottish Enterprise scheme offers support to businesses looking to get involved in the hydrogen sector.

The Hydrogen Expert Support service from Scottish Enterprise allows industry experts to help companies of different sizes and types, from various sectors, that are looking to grow and diversify into the renewable or low-carbon hydrogen sector.

The service will help Scottish companies to:

  • understand if their capabilities can be transferred to the hydrogen sector, to diversify their market;
  • understand the potential benefits of diversifying into hydrogen, such as the ability to maintain or increase turnover, workforce or facilities; and
  • increase their presence and manufacturing capabilities if they are already in the hydrogen market, either through market analysis or due diligence on their product or service.

The Hydrogen Expert Support offers 2 levels of support:

Level 1

Level 1 includes 2 days of consultancy. The consultant will learn about your company's operations, capabilities and ambitions and create a report tailored to you that describes your general hydrogen opportunities. This will include projects that may be of interest to your company and some initial thoughts on specific areas your company could focus on.

Level 2

Level 2 includes up to 4 days of consultancy. It builds on the activity in level 1 by going into more detail on specific areas of opportunity for your company. It also provides detailed guidance on the next steps you could take to move into the sector.

Companies are expected to complete level 1 before going to level 2. However, there may be occasions where it is appropriate for a company to go straight to level 2.

See: Hydrogen expert support for your business - Scottish Enterprise (scottish-enterprise.com)


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