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June 28th 2018

How to get the most from your team

So you want your team to be more productive: how on earth are you going to do that?

We will assume you pay the rate for the job and that your team are the right people for the job. Those two factors are essential. Now let’s look at what makes people feel happy to go to work and willing to do their best.

  • A good place to be: this involves comfortable seating and desks and a clean attractive environment. It makes a big difference if we feel ownership of and welcome in our workspace.
  • Feeling respected and valued: treat staff like adults, ask for their ideas and recognise their efforts with praise.
  • Responsibility: being trusted to get on with the job, having ownership of your task and how you perform it, mentoring new team members and not doing the same task day in and day out.
  • Being informed: have regular meetings to tell staff what is happening and to listen to their feedback. Also introduce new members of staff and people from different departments.
  • Listen to their concerns, suggestions and solutions: take time to hear what they have to say. If you want to disagree, pause and think before speaking.
  • Be a team member yourself: roll up your sleeves and help from time to time rather than sitting behind a closed door.
  • Perks: the feeling that you get something from work besides a salary. Perks are not just bonus schemes and freebies, they can be support for learning, out-of-office events or donations to a team member’s chosen charity.
  • Purpose: understanding and relating to the business's wider purpose, in terms of the contribution it makes to the economy, society, or environment.

Remember you are not running a Victorian sweatshop. Your team are adults with lives outside the workplace: respect that and tick all the boxes above, and you will start to get the best from your staff. If that best is not enough, perhaps you need more team members.


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