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November 21st 2019

How Solid State Drives can enhance your IT setup

SSD’s are used in place of Hard Disk Drives or Hard-drives (HDD’s). They perform much quicker than HDD’s, because they do not have a physical disk which requires moving parts to navigate to the data being accessed.

The typical boot time for a PC/Laptop with an SSD is around 10 seconds, compared with 30+ seconds using a more conventional drive.

It doesn’t stop there – the read/write performance for any data is much quicker from these drives and alongside processor and RAM, have a massive effect on the speeds your computer will perform the required tasks.

Current downsides to these drives is that, comparatively speaking, they are expensive per GB, however the prices are coming down.

It is advised to install your operating system and programs on SSD’s, however due to often smaller drive capacity (as price can be prohibitive to get the larger capacity drives), sometimes this won’t leave much space for data.

Some businesses address the space issue by using an HDD for data only, leaving the programs and operating system on the SSD. Another increasingly common option is the use of online storage such as Microsoft’s Onedrive, Dropbox or Google Drive, where data is actually held in the cloud not on your own device – there are pro’s and con’s to this too:


  • Data is “backed up” regularly consequently there is no dependence on a single storage device;
  • Data can be available across multiple devices you own (Desktop, Laptop & Mobile device for example); and
  • Data can be shared with others using sharing links with a variety of security options.


  • Data is not actually stored on your device, so if you do not have an internet connection you may find yourself unable to access data you require; and
  • Security – whilst most cloud storage now comes with high level security, your data is still in the cloud which many are still not 100% happy with.

I would certainly recommend the inclusion of an SSD in any new system, as the performance benefit it brings is (in my opinion) far more tangible than any recent processor improvement or increase in RAM.

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