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November 25th 2019

HMRC warns taxpayers about fraudsters

In the run-up to the 31 January Self Assessment filing deadline, HMRC has issued a new warning about fraudsters.

Over the last year HMRC received nearly 900,000 reports from members of the public about suspicious calls, emails or texts. About two thirds, 620,000 reports, related to false offers of "tax rebates".

Scammers are using a variety of techniques, including phoning taxpayers directly; or emailing or texting a link that, if followed, takes them to a false page where their bank details and money can be stolen. The techniques used by frausters can be very sophisticated and very convincing.

HMRC has always been at pains to say that it will NEVER contact customers asking for their bank details, passwords, or PINs. Banks adopt a similar position.

Our advice, if you receive a call purporting to be from HMRC, is absolutely do not give out any details whatsoever. Explain that your agent will phone them back on the official HMRC number, and then put the phone down.

If you receive an email or text purporting to be from HMRC, absolutely do not reply to it, follow any links, or download any attachments.

HMRC asks for details of any suspicious calls or emails to be sent to; any suspicious texts to 60599.

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