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March 24th 2022

Help to Grow: Digital scheme

A scheme providing targeted financial support for businesses investing in digital technologies.

‘Help to Grow: Digital’ is a UK-wide scheme to help small and medium-sized businesses adopt digital technologies that are proven to increase productivity.

The scheme offers:

· free, impartial advice and guidance about what digital technology is best suited to your business and how it can boost your business' performance 

· targeted financial support, if your business is eligible, worth up to £5,000 towards the costs of buying approved digital technologies

The website offers advice, guidance and tools to help businesses explore the huge potential of digital technology to help your business to grow. It aims to help you:

· identify the digital technology needs of your business 

· make informed decisions about which software products best meet those needs 

· successfully incorporate these products into your business

See: Help to Grow: Digital (learn-to-grow-your-business.service.gov.uk)


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