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November 12th 2019

Free to play accounting and finance game "Count FeFe"

Count FeFe is a mobile game that helps players develop introductory accounting and finance skills. Ideal for small business owners needing an introduction to the topic; students; and anyone else looking to sort out their debits from their credits!

In your role as the owner-manager of a start-up retail business, you'll respond to events, make business decisions, interpret financial information and complete timed multiple choice quizzes. Once you've successfully proved your accounting and financial literacy, it's time to progress to the next level of the game!

Count FeFe delivers a number of benefits:

  • provides an engaging and fun way to support people learning accounting;
  • builds confidence in the form, content and terminology of financial statements;
  • develops broader business, commercial, ethical and risk awareness;
  • provides immediate feedback to aid learning.

Count FeFe is the main output from the "Financial Education for Future Entrepreneurs'" project, led by Aston Business School and funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. More details below...


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