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September 26th 2018

Forget me not? Potential solutions to those password problems.

It's a job to remember all those passwords, isn't it? But is it really necessary to memorise everything? Maybe not, as our latest blog explains...

If you practice good online security habits with your digital login details, you should have different passwords for everything, but this can lead to some issues.

I for one have always been bad for my memory, and I’ve often found that the “Forgotten Password” button was clicked as often as a successful login; particularly on the less used accounts.

There are many methods of organising & remembering your passwords available in this, the “Information Age”.

There is of course the good old-fashioned pen and paper. And quite often now we’re advised that writing passwords down and keeping them in a safe location is often more secure than having a password manager store them for you. For example – if your device is stolen, or your main email address is “hacked”, you have a complete list of all the accounts you need to check and re-secure, with all the information you need to get into them.

That, and nobody from the other side of the world is going to be able to hack their way into your little red book you keep in your bedside cabinet.

As for ease of access, there are dozens of companies providing programs that offer a secure & convenient method to store all of your passwords in one place under a “Master Password”. True Key, KeePass & LastPass just to name a few, although each with different functionalities.

There are also, of course, built-in managers for most browsers – with Chrome being able to synchronise with your Google account, pulling over all your preferences with it, and Firefox having a similar “Sign in and Sync” feature.

Trusting something else to manage your passwords for you is a big leap. But at the end of the day, it can save you a great deal of time, effort, and headache. And done correctly, it can actually help improve your online security – why have a simple, easy to remember password that could be easily hacked, when a password manager has no issue remembering a complex, secure one?

All you need to do, is remember the one password that rules them all!

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