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April 9th 2019

Financial reports that look... pretty good, actually

Futrli works alongside Quickbooks or Xero to help business owners produce visually appealing, easy to understand financial reports.

We've been trying it out for a few weeks now (using it on our own business, as it happens) and the verdict is... it's a great product that should appeal to many small business owners.

In our experience with the product, it is worth spending an hour or two at the beginning to create templates for the reports you need and set up some basic parameters, but after that, creating visually appealing, meaningful financial information is really pretty easy (as long as the accounting records are well maintained, of course!).

Futrli has the capacity not just to report on historic events, but also to generate financial forecasts to help a business looking forward, which is where things get interesting. The ability to track and report on a business's actual performance against budget, with relative speed and simplicity, is a powerful feature.

With a variety of informative reporting templates already set up by default, new users should find that it takes little time to get going.

Below are a few examples of the reports that users can generate using Futrli. The examples here are for a fictitious restaurant business, though of course Futurli can be set up for businesses operating in just about any industry sector.

Example Annual Health Check Report

Example Financial Performance vs Budget Report

Example Cashflow Forecast Report

Futrli currently retails at £50/ month for a single business subscription. Contact us today for details of our full range of implementation and training packages.


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