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May 18th 2018

Finance Basics Course - your Feedback

We started running this course in early 2018 because of your feedback.

In our big customer survey last year, you told us you'd like to improve your grasp of finances, be able to find your way around a set of accounts, and generally feel more confident about the financial side of business. So we thought we'd try and help. Judging by the feedback, we're on the right lines.

"Everything explained well in different formats. All questions answered and plenty of time for each question. I would like a course on preparing management accounts for internal use."

"Diane explained everything well and in terminology I understood. She answered all questions and made it very easy to ask questions too. She gave opportunity for discussion."

We would, however, like to help more of you to develop your financial skills. So if you'd like to attend the next session, contact us today. If you're not really sure what it's about, or whether it's right for you, just phone and ask. We're here to help you!

We'll be publishing dates for the next course here soon.


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