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July 18th 2018

Do your customers get good WiFi?

WiFi may be very important to your customers; if it's not up to scratch, could you be losing business?

“As many as 73 per cent of guests under the age of 35 would never return to a hotel with poor WiFi.”

- Netgear 2017

In the modern day and age if you run a business where your premises is frequented by your customers, a good WiFi setup isn’t advisable – it’s essential.

Whether you’re running a small start-up Café, or a 50 room Hotel, your customers will expect premium internet access, either for personal use while relaxing, or for their ongoing business with your company – and knowing how to enable this, as well as what scale is going to be cost effective to you is vital.

If all you have is a small waiting and meeting-room for your customers, your basic, standalone Internet Router sent by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), with a little bit of tweaking of the security could well be enough. Anything bigger, you might need additional access points.

On the other hand, if you have three floors, staff, customers, guests and children using the WiFi with potentially dozens of connected devices, you need to make sure your little BT Router from 2013 isn’t going to fail when you’re fully booked with demanding businessfolk.

So, the basic pitfalls to look out for would be -

  • Speed – because if a guest can’t download a document in less time than it takes to write one, they might have something to say about it.
  • A network of access points to make sure there are no “dead zones” for WiFi (Heaven forbid you can’t check Twitter in the bathroom)
  • Adequate Security to make sure guests can’t access any of your business’s sensitive systems & to keep your data secure
  • Accessibility & Recognition – Recognition of your WiFi spot is important for simplicity, and getting your brand on people’s WiFi list (No “BTHub BQRTZ”, with a random password – make it yours)

In our experience, we’ve found that the odd PC or Laptop can fail, with little to no disruption to a business’s operations – even a server going down for a few hours is tolerable. But we also know that, these days, our customers’ customers expect to be able to check their “Snapchat Story”, pay an online bill, or Skype their grandchildren on demand. That's why we offer a high end, working WiFi solution for local businesses.

For more information, advice, or a quote on a new WiFi setup, feel free to contact our Tech team.

The Scholes CA Tech team recently installed 6 Ubiquity WiFi units and a Guest & Staff VoIP phone system over at The Storehouse, Kirkwall.

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