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March 19th 2020

Covid-19 Pandemic Employment Payment

We have heard yesterday that support is now available for some employees and self employed people in the form of a "Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment".

Employees who are laid off temporarily, without pay, due to a reduction in business activity related to Covid-19, can apply for a COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment. This new payment quickly delivers income support to the unemployed (be they self-employed or employees) for a 6-week period. Alternatively they can apply for Jobseeker’s Payments which can be made online at or in person at Job Centre Plus.

Employees who are put onto short-term working by their employer due to a reduction in business activity related to Covid-19 may apply for a Short Time Work Support payment. This application can be made in person at Job Centre Plus.

Although the material online seems all to relate to the Republic of Ireland at the present time, the above information was relayed to us by the Job Centre in Kirkwall.


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