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April 30th 2020

Coronavirus: new support schemes go live

The following Scottish schemes went live at 2pm today.

Newly Self Employed Hardship Fund

For: people who became self employed after 5 April 2019 who are ineligible for other forms of Covid 19 related support

Apply to: your local authority. Here are links to the application gudiance for Orkney and Edinburgh.

Pivotal Enterprise Resilience Fund

For: businesses that can play a critical role in Scotland's economy but need some immediate support

Apply to: apply via this link

This fund is likely to be exhausted very quickly.

Creative, Tourism and Hospitality Enterprises Hardship Fund

For: businesses in these sectors who have experienced or are expecting at least a 50% loss of current or projected revenue due to Covid 19

Apply to: apply via this link

Further information on all three schemes can be found over at


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