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May 18th 2021

Bookshop: How Crypto is Taxed in the UK

An overview for investors, speculators and business owners.

This short guide to crypto taxation in the UK explains how investors, speculators and business owners may expect their cryptoasset activities to be taxed.

On our journey through this emerging area of tax, readers will discover:
- what the taxman thinks about cryptocurrencies
- how profits from crypto mining and staking can be taxed under more than one tax regime
- why the distinction between trading and investing has important tax consequences
- which basic strategies people are using to maximise tax-free gains from crypto investments
- how the tax rules for companies differ from those for individuals

Ivan's unique approach makes the topic of crypto taxation accessible and understandable - even for readers with no background in tax.

Available in e-book format for pre-order now - only on Amazon.


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