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November 10th 2017

Backup your data

Save the nightmare of a device failing. With the cloud, it’s simpler than ever to keep your files safe!

Nobody enjoys the day when a device bites the dust, and that pang of dread sets in when you realise weeks, months, or even years have passed since the last copy of documents and photos were made. Sadly, these files can’t always be recovered from damaged hardware, but with the ever-increasing flexibility and capacity of “The Cloud” It’s now simpler than ever to keep your files safe.

While it’s always good practice to keep a backup on a pen drive, or an external hard drive, making regular backups can be an inconvenience. Whilst we still recommend you keep a “physical backup” on a pen drive, cloud backups run automatically, in the background, and give you access to your files from other devices, with the security of big names like Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

Google Drive

Simple, free, and with 15Gb of storage, Google Drive’s solution is a small program, downloaded to your device, which will run in the background once set up. After installing, it will ask you to choose what folders you want to sync with Google, allowing you to hand pick “My Documents” “My Pictures” or even an Accounts Backup folder. This flexibility lets you edit, add and remove what you want on the cloud. If any changes are made, it automatically syncs the files again, meaning that your files are always backed up, and up to date.

All that’s needed is a Google account, and if you don’t think you have one, you might be surprised. If you have Gmail, a YouTube account, or an Android device, the chances are Google Drive is just a click away.

These files are then kept on Google’s servers, and can be accessed at any time through Google Drive on any device, or by logging in to Google Drive through a web browser, where you can copy, edit and download anything you backed up from your devices.

Apple – iCloud

If you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac, you have probably been told by your device about iCloud, Apple’s built in backup and cloud solution.

With an iCloud account, you have 5Gb of free storage. If you have an iPhone or iPad, it’s probably backing up your photos already, and with a Mac, it should just be two or three clicks away. If you find that 5Gb isn’t enough for all your photos and files, you can upgrade to 50Gb for a few pence a month, and higher amounts for a little more which you can then also share with family members.

If you have a mixture of Apple devices, and a Windows PC, you can also get iCloud for your PC to backup your files.

Microsoft – OneDrive

While not quite as flexible as Google Drive, Microsoft offers 5Gb Free, and if you have an Office 365 subscription, you’ll have 1Tb (1000Gb) of storage as part of your package. OneDrive can be setup to automatically backup any files you open with Word, Excel, or any other Office product. Files and folders can be uploaded to OneDrive, and then a copy will be saved in a remote folder on your computer.

It will also work much like iCloud in syncing with a Microsoft Mobile device, backing up your photos, texts and settings.

For help choosing or setting up Data Backup routines for your business, contact our IT team today.


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