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April 11th 2022

Agricultural wages guide for workers and employers

The 26th edition of the guide for workers and employers produced by the Scottish Agricultural Wages Board (SAWB) is now available.

SAWB is an autonomous body which sets minimum wages and other terms and conditions of service for agricultural workers in Scotland.

This guide should be read alongside the Agricultural Wages (Scotland) Order (No. 69) 2022 ('the Order'). A copy of the Order is included with the guide.

The Order contains the detailed legal requirements for the calculation of minimum pay, holidays, etc, and has to be written in the precise legal terms required to make the Order enforceable in law.

This guide explains these rules in simpler terms and answers some of the questions which are most likely to arise. If there is any confusion between the Order and the guide, the provisions of the Order take precedence.

This version of the guide incorporates the new rates of pay and other changes and was introduced 1 April 2022.

See: Agricultural wages guide for workers and employers - 26th edition (findbusinesssupport.gov.scot)


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